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What is DeVineWare?

DeVineWare offers distribution management, depletion and inventory software for wineries. Because VinNOW is primarily a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) wine sales system, wineries who also sell through distribution can pull all sales channels together with this integration.


The DeVineWare / VinNOW integration allows wineries to seamlessly integrate VinNOW's orders, inventory and QuickBooks Accounts Receivable information, with DeVineWare's core competencies of 3-Tier Sales Orders and inventory management with a full complement of Account and Distributor sales depletion and management reporting tools.

General Information

Generic products available for inventory control or relationship enhancement seem to offer an easy solution to the distribution dilemmas faced by wineries. But even the slickest package is useless if it is too complex or simplistic to meet the challenges of the wine industry, and the specific challenges of your winery. An unused or underused package can be worse than no package at all. One size does NOT fit all.

Consolidation of distribution has meant that small wineries have a difficult time commanding the attention of a distributor's sales staff, and to find distribution in a given market. Most wholesalers also sell spirits and beer - which means even less attention paid to wine brands. Differentiating a brand from its competition becomes a key factor in your market positioning.

With over sixty years of combined wine industry expertise, DeVineWare's wine industry experts develop customized databases designed to enhance the specific needs and brand management of an individual winery—not a brewery, distillery, or factory.

let VinNOW help you:

increase customer spending learn more about your clients retain more customers simplify your bookkeeping and much more