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The Key to Efficiency

Use one system to manage all of your sales programs.

Too many businesses fall into the trap of using multiple, unconnected systems to get the job done. This results in wasted time from data entry and management for each system, running and consolidating reports from multiple systems, and inconsistencies between the systems.

VinNOW resolves this issue by acting as your single, master database for all customer, sales, marketing and inventory data. Then, along with our own internal tool kit, we've chosen the best partners to give you an unprecedented toolbox.


VinNOW offers strategic partnerships

VinNOW’s unprecedented level of industry acceptance has allowed for strategic partnerships with a wide spectrum of leading software applications, meaning that your winery operations can now leverage both the strengths and efficiencies of VinNOW with a wider variety of existing solutions.

  • Integrated web carts and e-commerce solutions with 2 different providers
  • Integrated email and marketing management with 2 different providers
  • Integrated compliance with the benchmark in the wine industry – ShipCompliant
  • Integrated online shipping and logistics with 3 different providers
  • Integrated PCI Compliant credit card processing built in with batch processing with TSYS Merchant Solutions
  • Integrated QuickBooks at invoice detail level

What does integration mean?

Unlike exporting, system integration is about adding value and strength through seamless and audit-able communications of the interactions between your system (VinNOW) and subsystems (our integrated partners). In this arrangement, the communications to the subsystems from VinNOW are instantly transferred and verified with confidence that the task is done.


Even the novice user will feel they are using one software application that easily does it all. In today’s connected world, the need for system integration in wineries is becoming increasingly important. More and more systems are designed to connect together, both within the system and to various subsystems that are already deployed.

Within VinNOW the wine club, cashier, inventory, customer tracking and history are all one piece, meaning VinNOW is not modulated and all customer information, purchase history and inventory can be easily and efficiently accessed and audited at all times from anywhere within the software.

What does export mean?

When data is captured in one system and then transferred to another and read through means of an acceptable file or format, this is called a data export. There are systems that provide for absolute data export but then the other system importing that data may only have specific data it accepts therefore missing data. In all cases, a data export means additional steps by the user without an absolute audit trail resulting in more work and increased potential for inaccuracy.

VinNOW's true integrations provide benefits.

Data sharing is accomplished easily and seamlessly with a wide spectrum of industry leading software applications.

This means that your winery operations can now leverage both the strengths and efficiencies of VinNOW while utilizing the strengths and efficiencies of other software solutions.

The power of VinNOW integration will allow you to effectively multi-task at a level unmatched by any other industry specific software.

This means that you save time and resources while giving you the confidence that your tasks are complete and your customers are well taken care of.


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