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At VinNOW, our expertise has rocked the wine industry with a single software solution for your two busiest sales channels - Tasting Room and Wine Club.

eCommerce is the rage of the day but on average, if you're like most wineries in the USA, less than 5% of your total sales revenue is generated through this channel.

We still believe in a using one single system to manage all of your sales activity so, instead of re-inventing the wheel, we've integrated with two eCommerce providers who have a reputations for killer eCommerce solutions. You get the best of both worlds, but still all driven by your VinNOW Software System.

Your web store will be hosted on our partners' servers but VinNOW controls the product that is available, any new or updated customer data, club memberships and invoices created and pushes it all to the web store.

Customers then login to your web store, update their data, join clubs and buy wine. To charge credit cards, process orders, check compliance and ship, simply pull the orders down into VinNOW and work with them as you would any other sale or update from your tasting room, or back-office. This also gives you one single place to run reports from all channels.

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“I can't say enough great things about the VinNOW product, service and support. I shopped a lot of different systems and decided to go with VinNOW because they had all the functions I was looking for for my small retail wine shop.”


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