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Because of their stock of wireless chip card readers, VinNOW has named TSYS Merchant Solutions its preferred partner for payment processing, offering wineries advanced payment technology and security, at competitive rates.

Our partnership with TSYS is specially designed for wineries seeking help with the transition to EMV "chip" card acceptance and PCI compliance.

About TSYS Merchant Solutions

TSYS Merchant Solutions works with thousands of incredible businesses every day.

They know how important payments are to their clients and their customers. That’s why they provide the best merchant services─ including the latest security solutions that work all day every day─ and offer the types of payment choices their customers expect at the point of sale.

Company History

At TSYS®, their roots in the payment acceptance industry date back over 30 years─ long before many other payment processing companies. In that time, they have evolved with the needs of our clients and are proud to bring the power of TSYS to their solutions and transactions. Check out what their clients are saying about using TSYS for their businesses.

The TSYS Merchant Solutions Difference

What do you look for in a merchant service provider?  TSYS differentiates themselves from other credit card processing companies by offering unmatched customer experiences and protection for their clients.

If you are looking for a way to protect your business from a security breach, TSYS Merchant Services strives to help their clients find the right solutions for their needs.

Assistance with EMV Conversion

In October 2015, liability for fraudulent transactions shifted from issuers to business owners who have not upgraded to chip-activated terminals. Upgrading now ensures compliance while protecting both business owners and their customers.

PCI Compliance

TSYS includes end-to-end secure encryption and card number tokenization for your in-person and stored card sales, replacing sensitive card information with random data. Your system and software never store cardholder information, and your scope of PCI compliance is reduced.

Cardholder Information Security

TSYS protects your customers, your revenue and your reputation with end-to-end encryption. Card data is protected by replacing a card number with a meaningless string of numbers, rendering the data virtually useless to thieves and reducing your vulnerability to a breach. TSYS adds an additional layer of security by replacing the numbers in your system with random data known as a token. Every token assigned is unique and unusable to hackers, but works seamlessly with VinNOW.

ApplePay™and Google Wallet™

Along with EMV card processing, TSYS offers support for current and future NFC payments and PIN debit.


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Live, 24/7 US-based support.
Reliability. The TSYS processing network maintains 99.999% uptime.
Stability. More than 63 million times a day, TSYS touches someone's life or business by supporting a payment transaction.


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EMV Compatible

VinNOW software is fully compatible with EMV "chip" card present and stored card transactions. Our partnership with TSYS Merchant Solutions brings you all of the automated card processing you need to be PCI compliant. And VinNOW's integration with TSYS means much of your operation is considered "out of scope" for PCI.

TSYS Account Advocate

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Corporate & Accounting Office at Milano Winery
14620 South Highway 101
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“I can't say enough great things about the VinNOW product, service and support. I shopped a lot of different systems and decided to go with VinNOW because they had all the functions I was looking for for my small retail wine shop.”


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