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Our Guarantee

We are so certain VinNOW is the finest Point of Sale & Wine Club solution in the industry that if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, just cancel within 60 days to receive a full refund.

Save Time

Let's face it: You got into the wine industry primarily due to your passion for wine. But now, managing your sales programs has you spending more time with systems and paperwork than you do with your wine and your friends.


If you're like most,

  • You have one system for your tasting room cashier
  • You have another system for your wine clubs (and these manual processes suck up way too much time)
  • You have another system for your web site
  • Another one for accounting
  • And on, and on, and on it goes.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by this, you're not alone. This is the main reason VinNOW was developed.


VinNOW brings all of your customer data, all of your product data, sales data from all channels, inventory, accounting and more all into one single system. It eliminates the need to put the same data into multiple systems and it gives you one single place to go to run all of your reports.


Click on "Features" to read the detail and then fill out a contact form and our sales department will call you shortly to show you how VinNOW can dig you out of that paperwork mountain and get you back to the reason you got into the wine industry in the first place.

Trusted & Proven

Our software company was formed in 1993, We purchased our winery in 2001. We developed VinNOW in 1999. The request came from winery owners who wanted a system that was designed to meet the unique needs of selling wine direct-to-consumer. Typical retail POS systems just did not have the ability to automate wine club processing or have the ability to act as a CRM. They were forced to use multiple systems, setting up the same products and customer data in several different databases - wasting time and diverting attention away from wine production and customer care.


We began selling VinNOW to wineries in 1999 and have steadily done so ever since. 16 years and counting! We look forward to 16 more.


Over the course of these years, VinNOW has been installed in hundreds of wineries across 16 states. We continue to develop and add features as the industry changes and DTC wine sales grow in popularity. VinNOW is powered by Microsoft’s state-of-the-art SQL Server database engine – Microsoft’s acclaimed data management and business intelligence platform. This cutting edge technology allows VinNOW to help you search and enter information with unmatched speed and efficiency. VinNOW is entirely programmed using industry leading Microsoft technology through the use of proven Microsoft development tools.


Trusted and Proven with the stability you can depend on to run your business efficiently!

Created by Winery Owners

Would you trust your winery sales operations to technicians who have never experienced your daily life? No worries with VinNOW!


Ted Starr is the CEO and developer of VinNOW Software. His background in computer programming began in 1975 and he served several large companies as a systems analyst, programmer and manager of development of extensive business systems. 


Ted and his wife, Deanna are also the proud owners of Milano Family Winery in Hopland, CA. Ted and Deanna understand your job because they do it on a daily basis. Milano Family Winery has a busy tasting room in an old hop barn, active wine clubs and a busy website. They roll up their sleeves and work every position from winemaker to forklift driver and sales associate. They get your job because they do it every day.


Ted's life experiences bring you the best of both worlds - a computer programmer who loves the daily life in a northern California winery. VinNOW truly reflects this.


You can trust that your need for DTC wine sales tools will be met.

Want to see VinNOW in action? Fill out the form to the right and our sales department will be in touch with you shortly to arrange a demo where we can take you on a guided tour.


Sales & Support Office

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Corporate & Accounting Office at Milano Winery
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Hopland, CA 95449

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Happy Clients

“I can't say enough great things about the VinNOW product, service and support. I shopped a lot of different systems and decided to go with VinNOW because they had all the functions I was looking for for my small retail wine shop.”


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What better way to experience the power and versatility of VinNOW than seeing it in action. Let us know when works for you and we will set up an online demo hosted in person by one of our stellar sales team!