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EMV Card Processing

We have integrated leading EMV payment card processors, to provide you with the latest in secure, and mobile card processing and scanning devices.

State of the art PCI processing that enables you to accept secure mobile payment on cards with embedded chips. 


NFC Card Processing

Have your customers wanted to pay with a wave of their smartphone? Now they can. The devices also allow you to accept Near Field Communication (NFC) payments. Apple Pay and Google Wallet proudly accepted!

Security Partnership

Through VinNOW's integration you can be certain that your customers' card data is secure. By accepting payment cards with certified card readers that perform point-to-point encryption you are relieved of the burden of storing sensitive customer financial data. Their secure card readers encrypt the credit card data and passes it off to be processed outside of the VinNOW system and in their tailor-made, managed, secure processing environment.

Added Security

VinNOW also uses "tokenization"* for an added level of credit card security. While some systems store encrypted credit card numbers in their databases, VinNOW has partnered with a card processor to take it to the next level. When you swipe, dip or enter a credit card for a customer, the card reader encrypts the card data, sends it over the internet to the card processor where it it is stored in their ultra-secure servers. The processor then, in turn, sends a token for that stored card back to the VinNOW database in a matter of seconds. This "token" can be used for card-on-file transactions or wine club processing and your customer's data is secure. Your customers can rest-assured that you have their best interest at heart and that you are a vendor they can trust.
* Tokenization - Wikipedia definition

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