Group of wine tasters listening to sommalier discussing a wine varietal.
Group of wine tasters listening to sommalier discussing a wine varietal.
"VinNOW is essential to helping us manage our large wine club."
Bethany Vineyard & Winery, Beth Houser
"VinNOW is essential to helping us manage our large wine club."
Bethany Vineyard & Winery,
Beth Houser

Wine Clubs

Automate Your Club To Maximum Efficiency
We're all in agreement that clubs are the lifeblood of any DTC Wine Sales Program. They improve customer loyalty, provide guaranteed revenue streams at just the right times and pay for the heavy load of new customer acquisition.

However, if you're processing your clubs manually, your profits could be going out the door, not to mention your frustrated employees. VinNOW fixes all of this with our easy wine club automation tools. Keep your wine in your customer’s glass all year long and maximize your profits. VinNOW clubs are powerfully flexible for your operation and very easy to use.
Once the customer record has been created (in back-office or POS Quick Add), signing the customer up for a club is as easy as adding a product to a sale. VinNOW allows you to create a special product code for each club or club tier in your offering. When a customer agrees to sign up for a club, you simply click on that product code in their tasting room purchase and the customer automatically becomes a member of that club. Club discounts will even be automatically applied to the items being bought the day of the sign-up.
Female using the touch screen to update customer records.
In the customer record, the "Wine Club" tab begins to populate with the club they joined and their preferences can be set at a later time keeping your tasting room from being bogged down with data entry and burdensome processes.
  • Members may be in as many wine clubs as they like, each with a separate set of rules. They can even designate different credit cards for specific wine clubs.
  • Gift memberships are easily and automatically managed allowing you to specify the number of shipments or set an expiration date.
  • Members can pay in advance, putting money on their accounts that is recorded and reduced every time they get a shipment. This allows a customer to leave a credit card on file or for "annual payment upfront" clubs.
  • Tracking to handle special request orders such as adding more wine to a shipment or if they have a special preference.
  • Send an email to all declined credit card owners or hold for payment orders.
  • Send an email to all hold for pickup orders.
  • Send email to all members whose credit card will expire by the next shipment. And the ability to search for expired cards prior to club shipments.
  • Skip only the next shipment for a member or put a shipment on hold for a specified date range.  VinNOW can even skip specified months each year, very useful for skipping summer shipments to hot areas.
Somalier checking bottle of wine to be shipped.
Set club member preferences with a few clicks. Wine club preferences such as "To Be Shipped" or "Hold for Pickup", method of payment & card to use, gift memberships and skip shipments are all set in the customer record on the "Wine Club Tab".

The creation of this tab happens when the sales associate adds the product code for the club to the guest's order.

Automation Saves Time And Increases Efficiency

If you've ever created 150 or more orders by hand and keyed in 150 X 16 digit credit card numbers into a credit card terminal by hand, you're going to love how much time VinNOW will give you back.
VinNOW software screen capture of case shipment.
  • Create one order and assign it to an entire group or wine club, automatically select the correct shipping charge (or no charge for Hold for Pickups) and sales tax by state and location for each wine club member.
  • VinNOW will warn you for potential problems such as no credit card and expired cards before you start your wine club process.
  • At a glance, see how many orders did not process the payment due to credit cards being declined.
  • Shipping made easy! With our certified integration between VinNOW and UPS/FedEx/GLS you never have to leave VinNOW to print your shipping labels. With just a couple of clicks all your labels start printing. Any errors in addresses are quickly flagged for easy label editing.
Photo of card reader in use.
VinNOW allows you to reprocess batch orders with a single click for a wine club so it can attempt to charge all un-paid invoices due to previously declined or missing credit cards.
  • Once your wine has shipped, you can check its status from within VinNOW. As the label is being created, our UPS/FedEx/GLS integration can also send the customer the tracking number. In addition, it can notify you of delivery exceptions.
  • You can batch void any unpaid wine club orders. This may be useful where you have many invalid credit cards and you have been unable to resolve the problem with the customer.
  • You can choose to print invoices and/or packing slips by order disposition such as those for members that are "Hold for Pickup", "To be Shipped" and "Hold for Payment" for the entire club run. You may also choose to print for other selection criteria such as only those for a particular state.

Reporting On Club Performance

Are you "in the know" about how your clubs are performing? VinNOW makes it easy to stay on top of your club performance and the beneficial results.
VinNOW screen capture of wine club member's records.
  • Membership retention report.
  • Credit card expiration report to see if any cards have expired or will expire before you run your wine club.
  • Wine club report shows you the history of each order, amount collected and number of orders.
  • Shipping status report shows you the total shipping charges, with a breakdown for each customer with transportation and options charges (UPS/FedEx/GLS book rates).
  • Wine club summary report shows your total members, total gift members, total shipments, payments and more.
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