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VinNOW integrates directly to QuickBooks Pro, Premier Accounting Software

About our quickbooks integration

VinNOW’s unprecedented level of industry acceptance has allowed for strategic partnerships and data sharing with Intuit QuickBooks Pro, Premier Accounting Software, the most popular version of America's #1 small business financial software.

Our QuickBooks integration allows you to have all of your VinNOW transaction information “pushed” into QuickBooks Pro with invoice level detail.

Every invoice, all payments, and inventory transaction is sent to QuickBooks, no export/import - a seamless integration!

VinNOW to QuickBooks uploads directly to COGS Account, Income Account and Asset Accounts.

VinNOW sends QuickBooks:

  • Customers and customer types
  • Inventory Amounts
  • Invoice details
  • Memos
  • Non-Sales, Pourings, Samples, donations, Spoils
  • Order Status
  • Order Types
  • Payments and payment types
  • Products
  • Sales Id
  • Sales Tax Rate
  • Shippers

let VinNOW help you:

increase customer spending learn more about your clients retain more customers simplify your bookkeeping and much more