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Print Gift & Wine Club Loyalty Cards

Selling gift cards are an excellent way to drive traffic to your tasting room. Revenue is collected at the time the card is purchased. The gift recipient will bring the card back to redeem the card and you get to up-sell wine clubs and other products or services. A match made in heaven!

Many retail businesses struggle with this but VinNOW has it built right into our system for easy registration, sale and redemption of the cards.

VinNOW gift cards are for use within the VinNOW system. They can be generated for either preprinted cards that you have available for sale with a fixed amount, or for cards with any value the customer decides they want and printed at the time of sale. What type of gift card they are will depend on how you set your gift card product up and how you register the cards within VinNOW.

Gift Card FAQ:

What do I need to get set up to print my own Gift and/or Loyalty Cards?

You need a barcode capable card printer and some plastic (86mm x 54mm) cards.

Who supplies the cards?

CI Solutions - Please click here for contact information!

You can also have them printed through your favorite online or local printing house.

Can I sell cards at different values or must they all be the same value?

You can have as many different valued cards as you wish!

Can VinNOW be set up to print information on the back of the cards for two different card layouts?

Yes! VinNOW has one user customizable layout for wine club loyalty cards and one for gift cards! These layouts are controlled in VinNOW's system options area. Additionally, VinNOW users can even print cashier login ID cards!

Can I print a sequential numbered bar code for the gift cards?

Yes! VinNOW can generate sequential barcodes based on your own numbering system or you can have numbers pre-printed on the front of your cards and VinNOW will generate the barcodes for you on the back!

Does VinNOW print the whole card (front and back) or just part of it?

We recommend having CI Solutions print the front of the card in color.

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