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Track Inventory the Easy Way

VinNOW's "inventory tracking system" is like no other winery specific software on the market today allowing you to stay organized. Maintain wine and non-wine items stored in multiple locations, "tax paid" or "non-tax paid" simply on one screen. You will have the ability to view, transfer, add, and adjust inventory including futures in any or all locations effortlessly while having quick access to reports to audit these transactions by item, category, and/or user. VinNOW will even create an inventory count sheet for any or all locations for your physical walk through.

Real-Time Inventory Relief

Sales Transactions

Procedures like POS sales transactions, wine club runs, web shopping cart orders and back office orders generate invoices when product is sold to a customer. Each invoice provides an option for the inventory pull location. As invoices are created, inventory is relieved from the selected location to easily keep track of quantity-on-hand in a live, up-to-the-moment manner. Cashiers are notified when an item is out of stock to prevent them from overselling.

Non-Sales Transactions

Procedures like returns, samples, spoils, breakage, and pours can be done quickly and easily by any authorized cashier keeping the disposition of your inventory accurate. Cashiers will be notified when an item is out of stock to help prevent them from over selling.

Transfers and Adjustments

Procedures like inventory transfers and physical inventory adjustments need to be recorded live as well and are automated through our entire system.


VinNOW provides several inventory specific reports with a couple of clicks. Simply select the period of time, and run a report that shows transaction detail as well as a summary of inventory quantity change as a result of sales, non-sales, transfers and adjustments across your entire business. VinNOW reports provide easy and complete visibility to keep you in-the-know.

Inventory Quantity Report

  • Easily run by location or by product
  • Include wine, non-wine or both
  • Includes summary of wine gallons by alcohol percentage
  • Click here to see a sample report

Inventory Value Report

  • Easily run by location or by product
  • Shows Quantity-on-Hand, Gallons equivalent, Alc. %, Retail Value and Cost
  • Includes summary of wine gallons by alcohol percentage
  • Click here to see a sample report

Inventory Transaction Audit Log

  • Easily see, transaction by transaction the move/relief of inventory items
  • Includes Sales, Pourings, Donations, Samples, Transfers and Adjustments
  • Includes summary of wine gallons by alcohol percentage
  • Click here to see a sample report

Inventory Count Sheet

  • Quickly print an Inventory Count Sheet for taking physical inventory
  • Displays current inventory count
  • Provides space for writing down physical count
  • Click here to see a sample count sheet

Multiple Locations

  • VinNOW will show inventory by location including inventory allocated to hold for pick-up, hold for payment, and to-be-shipped orders.
  • VinNOW gives you the option of printing a Bill-of-Lading when transferring wine to offsite locations.
  • Inventory may be stored in as many tax paid or non-tax paid locations as desired.
  • At a glance you can see total inventory of all locations.


  • Multiple bar codes can be stored for the same product. for example, 15 different bottle stoppers with different stock bar codes can be pulled from a single products inventory without having to create and track 15 items separately.
  • Price labels can be printed in barcode format with the product description, price, and item code.
  • A minimum sale price may be entered so the cashier cannot sell a product for less, thus helping to maintain your profits.
  • Product pricing allows different customer types, such as retail, restaurants, and employees to have their own price level.
    Define bottle size and alcohol percent for compliance reporting.
  • If an item is defined as "Customer Required" - it cannot be rung up unless there is a customer record selected on the point of sale screen. great way to manage futures.
  • Pricing for products can be edited on one screen at the same time.

let VinNOW help you:

increase customer spending learn more about your clients retain more customers simplify your bookkeeping and much more