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Flexibility in managing options

Streamline Order Processing, Fullfillment and Shipping

VinNOW offers a host of features that automate order processing, shipping logistics and improves efficiency. Enjoy ease and flexibility in managing a range of order statuses, shipping methods, locations. Reduce your task load with VinNOW's effective shipping management tools.

Order Processing Features

From the same order status search screen, you can:

  • View, edit and print packing slips
  • Check compliance
  • Push order informatin and status changes to ShipCompliant
  • Print shipping and customer pick up lists
  • Manage Customer Pick-ups

Direct Integration: GSO, UPS & FedEx

One of the amazing benefits of using VinNOW is the time you save doing daily tasks. VinNOW integrates with GSO and UPS to eliminate the export/import routine for these two carriers. It pushes your data directly to both of these providers, pulls back in the tracking numbers and auto prints your shipping labels. Talk about time savings. You're going to love these tools.
UPS, GSO and FedEx logos

Formatted Exports for 204, 205, FedEX, GSO & UPS

If you choose not to use our direct integrations or you ship via FedEx or you send your orders to a 3rd party fulfillment center, VinNOW has you covered. Simply build a list of your orders, click "Export" and select the file format you need. You can save the export on your computer and upload. Our system also allows you to update the status of the order to "Sent to Fulfillment" or "Shipment Created" while you wait for them to get into the carrier's hands. Once the packages are on their way, easily update the order status to "Shipped" and your work is done.

Full Service Provider

VinNOW is a licensed solution provider with UPS and GSO. Both integrations will give you with the entire portfolio of features, services and support, allowing you to create batch shipments for as many members in as many clubs as you like. Stay organized by printing multiple labels, packing slips and invoices all sorted in the same order by club and printed at the same time for efficient and organized packing.

Print and Track From Inside VinNOW

The VinNOW integrations will allow you to create shipping labels and track packages in real time right from VinNOW without the need for cumbersome and potentially inaccurate reporting. Feel confident knowing your shipment information is securely sent and that your customers will automatically get a tracking number emailed to them when their shipment is created.

Maximize Delivery Rate

With VinNOW your shipping department or staff will have the ability to edit an address for last minute changes before creating a shipment as well as receiving an exception email alert in the event a package is undeliverable allowing for fewer returns while increasing your profits. No question, with the VinNOW and our shipping integrations you'll have the industry's leading solutions for wine shipping.

Process Shipments Directly from VinNOW

Both integrations automatically print your shipping labels on your printer and pull in tracking numbers to the packing slip. This gives sales people full visibility to all the information they need to provide over-the-top customer service, right from VinNOW. There's no need to switch between systems to figure out where a package is. Customers can be emailed when labels are generated or if any exceptions occur.

UPS Tool VinNow Screenshot

Get Live Rates at the POS or BackOffice

A couple of clicks provides live shipping rates for your package size to your customer's specific address. This tool is available in our POS screen as well as in our shipping screens so you can key accurate orders right at your tasting room cash register.

UPS Live Rates VinNow screenshot

let VinNOW help you:

increase customer spending learn more about your clients retain more customers simplify your bookkeeping and much more