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An easy to use program, tracking what wine is where and what has been done to it.

VinTracker is an add-on module to VinNOW. It is a Bulk Inventory management program for individual wine lots.

Unlimited number of lots can be tracked. User can customize container configuration – tank, barrel, drum, transfer cubes, various keg sizes, and the list is endless.

VinTracker can identify multiple inventory locations for various containers. Track all wine work performed including chemical additions and movements of wine. Create blends and track movement from original lot to new lot including containers. Create work orders for cellar staff and list of applicable containers to be used. Know volume available in each lot and identify containers to use for topping. Adjust wine volumes as wine is racked, blended and used for topping. Track alcohol volumes and reports can show under and over 14% and under and over 16% for state vs federal reporting.

VinTracker features custom crush billing and cost tracking for individual lots. Reports are available by alcohol percentage, container type, location, owner, varietal and more.

VinTracker is an invaluable resource in tracking bulk wine lots volumes and containers, costs, custom crush billing and all work performed.

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