Pouring wine at a tasting room to illustrate Point of Sale.
Pouring wine at a tasting room to illustrate Point of Sale.
"VinNOW has been a great software for us throughout the years, keeping track of our wine club members and their purchases, as well as an easy to use POS system."
Frogtown Cellars, Cydney

Point Of Sale

Designed To Do Business Like You Do
Depending on your business model, your tasting room may be a traditional retail environment, a trendy table-service environment or a combination of both. VinNOW's POS is designed to work the way you do.
Our Retail Mode completes the transaction with the swipe of a card or using a credit card on file. This mode would be chosen if you are selling bottles and merchandise without table service and where no gratuity would be included. Credit card processing fees are less when running in this mode since there is no preauthorization of the credit card and capture of funds at a later time in the shift.
While running in retail mode, you can:
  • Ring up products
  • Select the method of payment
  • Swipe the card
  • Present guest with a receipt copy for signature
  • Email or print guest receipt
  • Capture credit card before completing the sale
  • Suspend the sale with a click of a button
  • Resume the sale, add additional items or print the guest check
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Our Restaurant Mode completes the transaction by presenting the guest with a "Pre-Auth" ticket allowing them to include a tip that is added after the guest leaves. This mode would be used if you have a wine-by-the-glass program, provide table service or just generally have the need to run a guest tab. VinNOW's newest version has you covered. Running in Restaurant Mode has some definite advantages and provides your customer with the familiar feel of un-rushed guest services with a comfortable way to handle gratuity.

While running your POS workstation in Restaurant Mode, you can:

  • Start a Tab/Ticket
  • Capture the credit card when starting a tab
  • Suspend the sale with a click of a button
  • Resume the sale, add additional items or print guest check
  • Pre-authorize the guest’s credit card
  • Present guest with tip ticket for signature and guest receipt
  • Add gratuity to the transaction
  • Capture the final funds
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Truth be told, there are times when a tip line is not appropriate and pre-authorization slows down the process or you want to avoid the associated higher credit card processing fees.
  • Choose which workstations run in retail mode and which run in restaurant mode.
  • There's no need to pre-authorize cards for back-office orders or wine club runs.
  • Choose to turn off the pre-authorization at the POS card processing screen on a single transaction with a click when running in Restaurant Mode but the guest is not running a tab and is simply buying bottles or merchandise.
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